Yuck.. gotta work till 22:00 tonight on that job that I only have left for a few weeks.. I soo have the feeling to quick right away..

@TigerLily Yup.. We gotta work smart I think, hard isn't the solution it seems :sad_cat:

@TigerLily Hmm.. I get that kinda :blobcatgiggle: and I partely agree but I also think about "What would be the right way?"

I think capitalism doesnt work nor does communism I guess. We need to find a way in between or perhaps a new 3rd option

@TigerLily Why not both? :blobcatgiggle:

I am certainly planning on becoming rich in my life so I can spend it on the people who need it, or a future for hoomans in space/Mars etc

I don't like how society rolls but for things to change you need or power of a lot of money.. So I tend to change the system from the inside out 😇

@TigerLily Depends how long this future is :blobcatgiggle:

If we don't nuke ourselfs or get killed by nasty virusses its only a matter of time I think 🚀

At some point life will be impossible here for sure but we have 'time' 🦁

Let first try not to have a world war for 100 years 💪

@TigerLily True.. We hoomans really fuck up in so many ways :sad_dog:

@TigerLily That's good! :blobcatgiggle:

But... what do you eat? Grow your own food? Go to the store?

Drive a car? I see you're using a computer/phone/tablet with internet soo there's that :blobcatgiggle: 😇

@TigerLily Good! :cathug: (I never had a car) :blobcatgiggle:

You're doing a good job, nice! :clapping: I wish more could do that..

@TigerLily Oh yes for sure! But what in my situation for example: I live in a city with not much space since everything else is soo expenive. We have a very small balcony where we can barely stand :blobcatgiggle:

We cannot grown our own food, I do have a licence but hate cars so I always take my bike! 💪 The two cats we have we didn't buy but sheltered from the street (litteray).. The servers for mstdn are 100% green electric etc etc but still I have the feeling I do nothing

@TigerLily Uh.. Not sure :blobcatgiggle:

I try to do as much as I can while learning every day something new 😇 I hope I have many years on this beautiful planet left..

My worst fear in life is: When I'm on my death bed and knowing I haven't done a thing, seen a thing, or changed a thing in my life...

I do not want that..

@TigerLily Good thing! 💪 I want that some day, something fully self-sustained, that's so cool! :coolcat:

Btw, dont do anything with crypto currency.. That's terrible for the planet. The "excisting" coins are already here but the new ones created each "block" (~25min) costs soooo much enegery for solving just a stupid problem that does not solve anything. Only brings in cash

@stux Consider the rules for unemployment benefits before you do that. If you quit, you may not be able to claim it unless things are so shit that you can successfully claim for constuctive dismissal

@trebach Yip I know.. I do lose that...

That's the decision I have now, is it worth that..

@stux In the meantime, now's the perfect time to not give one shit about their rules. What are they going to do? Fire you? 😀​

@trebach Hahaha :blobdevil: :blobcatgiggle: Thats what I thought!

But... my manager told me yesterday he keeps a close eye on me, if I fuck up in any way he kicks me out instantly

@stux Fucking jobsworth asshole. May he step in dog shit wherever he goes. May cats piss on all his belongings forever. May he be sprayed by a skunk regularly but not frequently enough to get used to the smell (Not sure if you have skunks there, but be glad if you don't). And may he get tellurium breath

@stux just ride it out. Do the absolute minimum of work
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