:thinktink: Only 201 more years before it's the date 22-2-2222

@stux I'm marking it down so we can celebrate it when the day comes 😏

@mur2501 I'm afraid so..! Hope I have moved on to bigger things by then haha

You would already be under 10 feets of soil by that time.

@mur2501 Ohhh helll no!

I want to be forzen like Walt Disney!

Burning or buyrring is a no no.. Or if im not to be saved I want my body to go to science :blobcatgiggle:

@mur2501 I wanna be woken up in a few hundred years, that would be so cool :coolcat:

That's nice
Though you will only see destruction and wars after 200 years :ablobderpy:

You wanna get frozen :blobfoxcofeowo:
Russia is a good place to die, they all say :ablobblewobble:

@stux I'm saving a hostess twinkie for the occasion.

@stux I don't think we'll be around for that, unless there's some serious life-extending technology!

@calculsoberic Digital mind cloning I guess, live on in a digital cyber space! Cause why not :blobcatgiggle:

I know it's 'another version of me' and not me me now... :thinktink: But still!

@calculsoberic Indeed! Many movies/series!

:thinktink: There's also that movie... with uh.. 'Tony Stark' (dont know real name lol) that also got uploaded and spread.. uh..

At some point he becomes this no no "super ai"-ish

@stux You mean Avengers: Age of Ultron? I was just watching that over the weekend!

@calculsoberic I was thinking about that but not the one I ment! :blobcatgiggle:

Uh... it's not from Marvel but with the same actor I think

@stux Oh, his name's Robert Downey Junior. I'm not sure which movie, though!

@calculsoberic Ah lol got it after a simple search! :searx:

Transcendence 2014

@stux oh, go figure! I thought I was the search engine master! :blobtoofast:

@calculsoberic @stux your mind is now uploaded as an Alexa skill 😬 you are now able to haunt your future relatives 😏

@tombies so *that's* why Alexa is laughing in the middle of the night

@calculsoberic @stux no, that’s because someone at Indian operator crew who listens farted 😄

@stux @calculsoberic If I can get a decentralized open-source brain, count me in!

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