Lol, i have no job anymore after the 21ste of March.. :mortyderp:

@stux Sorry to hear :( Hope this turns into an amazing new opportunity for you.

@lee Thank you Lee Matthew :blobcathearts: :cat_hug_triangle: We're gonna fight for that 💪

@stux I already believe in you having spent a few seconds reading your profile and seeing your projects. Lovely to meet x

@lee I did the same with you :blobcathearts: Cool dad :coolcat: Nice to meet! ❤️

@stux I like to think I am cool. My kids are still deciding.


@lee I think you are! :coolcat: Give them some time :blobcatgiggle: Once they realise what you have done for them and thaught them all so much knowledge it will come 😇

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