I got an appointment for the 5th of March so I can officially register Stuxhost as a company in the Netherlands🎉

@stux @Gina Yeah CEO Stux 😎 now you need an account on the caimans 😏

@stux @Gina now that you will be CEO of a big tech company you have to adapt. First you have to wear momma jeans and turtle neck with chucks 😉


@tombies @Gina Haha never!

I always said: "I do wanna wear a nice suit BUT with my Nikes underneath it for the edge.. :blobcatgiggle: "

I never ever wanna become one of the grey mass :catblush: A CEO also could have visable tatoo's and sneakers right? :bloblaugh:

@stux @Gina well, if it is a face tatoo I think it’s not that Good. There are also some fancy suits.

@tombies @Gina Oh nooo! Personally I leave my face alone from tattoo's forever.. That's a bit too much

@tombies @Gina I had this neighbor before when I lived in a somewhat more ghetto place.. That dude started out with 'some lines on his face' and now he has no identiy left! :amaze: It's just soo weird.. And the guy recently got a kid..

@stux @Gina what kind of tattoo do you have? Tribal? Kitty?

@tombies @Gina :blobcatgiggle: I only have 3 so far but my goal is a full body sleeve in the end designed by myself in one style with 'my life story' in visual!

Currently I have a Bob Marley text, peace sign one with my best friends afk <3

@stux @tombies @Gina that's basically my CTO style :blobcatgiggle:

Hipster-Glasses, Suspenders and bright, red, sports-shoes :awwwblob:

Maybe someday I'll reveal it on fashtodon

@w4tsn @tombies @Gina Haha does sound like it :bloblaugh: That's perhaps too much for me😇

My dad always told me to not get a tattoo or on a place where you can hide it but I think if a job/boss does not accept my tattoo's it's not the right job :coolcat: It's 2021 right..!

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