I got an appointment for the 5th of March so I can officially register Stuxhost as a company in the Netherlands🎉

@stux @Gina Yeah CEO Stux 😎 now you need an account on the caimans 😏

@stux @Gina now that you will be CEO of a big tech company you have to adapt. First you have to wear momma jeans and turtle neck with chucks 😉

@tombies @Gina Haha never!

I always said: "I do wanna wear a nice suit BUT with my Nikes underneath it for the edge.. :blobcatgiggle: "

I never ever wanna become one of the grey mass :catblush: A CEO also could have visable tatoo's and sneakers right? :bloblaugh:

@stux @Gina well, if it is a face tatoo I think it’s not that Good. There are also some fancy suits.

@tombies @Gina Oh nooo! Personally I leave my face alone from tattoo's forever.. That's a bit too much

@tombies @Gina I had this neighbor before when I lived in a somewhat more ghetto place.. That dude started out with 'some lines on his face' and now he has no identiy left! :amaze: It's just soo weird.. And the guy recently got a kid..

@stux @Gina what kind of tattoo do you have? Tribal? Kitty?

@tombies @Gina :blobcatgiggle: I only have 3 so far but my goal is a full body sleeve in the end designed by myself in one style with 'my life story' in visual!

Currently I have a Bob Marley text, peace sign one with my best friends afk <3

@stux @tombies @Gina that's basically my CTO style :blobcatgiggle:

Hipster-Glasses, Suspenders and bright, red, sports-shoes :awwwblob:

Maybe someday I'll reveal it on fashtodon

@w4tsn @tombies @Gina Haha does sound like it :bloblaugh: That's perhaps too much for me😇

My dad always told me to not get a tattoo or on a place where you can hide it but I think if a job/boss does not accept my tattoo's it's not the right job :coolcat: It's 2021 right..!

The Caiman Islands, a famous tax haven. But if you really hit the jackpot, you could start a "Stichting". A stichting doesn't pay taxes.
It should be for the charity, but the Dutch tax-agency is famously flexible. IKEA is owned by a Dutch stichting using as a charity: ”Bringing cheap design furniture to the masses".
Only drawback: if you want to use your money, your stichting has to pay you first, and then you pay taxes.
@tombies @Gina

@frank87 @Gina @tombies

I was thinking about that for mstdn indeed! 😮

I'm not sure what the requirements are people and money wise though so I applied for a simple eenmanszaak now :blobcatgiggle:

Maye the kleine ondernemingsregeling

Another IB-ondernemer. Me too, I'm with a maat (partner in the maatschap).
@Gina @tombies

@frank87 @stux @Gina @tombies KOR is only a good idea if you don’t invest into your company since it only gives VAT Exemption. I didn’t get KOR either. Also 20k revenue is very easily reached within a year if you’re IB, so it might not even be worth the trouble.

@frank87 @Gina @stux @tombies I don't think that's relevant for tech companies anyway.
But @SuperDicq is right: VAT exemption could be bad:. I remember a phone call from the tax collector: are you sure? When we made a big investment.
@SuperDicq @Gina @tombies

@frank87 @stux @Gina @tombies Yeah VAT exemption goes both ways. You pay no VAT when you make money, but also have to pay VAT whenever you invest. I recently bought a new server for my company so I’m I didn’t go KOR.

And Stux is starting a hosting company... But maybe he's starting on existing hardware (you could get a VAT-return on that, if it's not old. But computers turn old very fast for the tax man)
@Gina @stux @tombies

@frank87 @Gina @stux @tombies And even with existing hardware it is smart to have TAX returns on your energy bill and ISP bill.

@mur2501 @stux @Gina what kind of job? Hotline? Wire man? mascot? Bug Hunter?

@mur2501 @tombies @Gina If it becomes bigger I certainly will mate ❤️ People on the fedi are the first I'm gonna ask!

@stux @mur2501 @Gina btw: why you changed your side to 50 shades of blue? 🤔

@tombies @mur2501 @Gina I think it's far more proffessional 💪 The previous I had was slow and took over 5.4MB XD

I cannot do that to customers so I went with a dark futuristic look with depth :thinkergunsunglasses:

@tombies Thank you mate! :cat_hug_triangle: I got scared you didn't like it :catblush:

@stux I would have been scared if you had changed it to orange 😉

@stux it could be nice but that huge change would have get me blinded I suppose 😁

@mur2501 @tombies Ah not? 😮 I also have a light version but most people voted for a dark UI if I'm right

@tombies @mur2501 :blobcatgiggle: It's a leaning server rack! The leaning part falls back to the support :cat_hug_triangle:

Like the company I currently work for we use: "The price cold be a but higher then elsewhere but we offer 100% support" 😉

Leaning/helping/support that should it be.. haha!

@mur2501 @tombies I have also a local dev running, let me show you the others I have 😉 sec!

@mur2501 @tombies

Don't pay attention to all notices haha.. It's on localhost etc It's about the color combo

@stux @tombies
Nah none are good 🤔
Just add some little bit different colours in the current website (like changing the colour of the buttons and not using blue in the text)

@mur2501 @tombies I'll think about it! :blobcatgiggle: Thank you for the tip mate ❤️

@mur2501 @stux what do you prefer? A composition of Orange, white and green? 😉

Congratulations! I hope it is and does go well for you. It's very cool! 😎

@stux Good luck, Stux! I started my own business 6 years ago. It's hard but worth it!

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