Amazing jump balance and strong heart. Professor of Physics before fitness and skill

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in my opinion it would have been funni if he just fall in LOL

@stux Rainbow bands on jersey, 2019 World Champion in trials Sergi Llongueras.

Trials is absolutely incredible, from Danny McAskills street trials stuff, to the shows that his "Drop n Roll" crew do (Danny McAskill, Fabio Wibmer (incredible YT edits), Ali Clarkson, and Duncan Shaw along with others), to the trials racing that gets you rainbow bands. It's all absolutely nuts.

The thing you don't get to hear (thankfully) with this is the horrible noise of the brakes. They squeal like mad due to the riders grinding the wheel rims rough for better braking, and using special brake pads (some even making their own from specially soft rubber just for events (as they don't last longer than one run))

I highly recommend watching some professional trials from world cup/championships as well as Fabio Wibmer and Danny Mac's stuff.

It's incredible.

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