@stux why didnt the driver clean up the back glasses before start riding :0520: that s really not safe with snow cover the glasses🤔

You'd be surprised, but quite many Canadian drivers are like that (thankfully a minority). And when you don't remove snow from the car's roof, it slides over the rear window when driving and covers it. When it's hardened or even iced, on the highway it can lift in pieces high in the air, and hit the windshield of the car that follows it. 🤬 😠


@jiangshanghan @stux
But I just noticed your instance has a Canadian domain so you probably knew that, sorry! 😳

@normandc ya i just think that maybe dangerous if the car windows dont clear 😂
i m not canadian sorry 😅
and i learned that drivers should keep the windows clean for safety 🤔

LOL I don't know how many times I've wanted to do that!!! 😄

I can't stand idiots who can't be bothered to effing remove snow from their car's windows (and roof!!!) before getting on the road. 🙄

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