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@stux image description :
Webcomic in 4 panels.

The first panel is a hare, next to a purple flower which is on the right, who says what a beautiful fucking day.
The second panel is a close up of the same hare who says nothing beats this shit.

The third panel is a close up the said purple flower and the bubble of the hare says look at that fucking flower.

(continue in comments)

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The last panel is another close up of the hare but with the flower too this time and the hare says shit it's good to be alive.

All the text of the hare are in a white comic bubble.

The artist is False knees.

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@Defectivetrxgedy @stux

Thanks for description. 👏❤️

@stux credits: False Knees by False Knees (I suppose?).
It's a webcomic you can follow for free on webtoon, but I can't guarantee that it respects GDPR. There's the desktop version available though.

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