Amazing.. Voyager 2, launched on 20 augustus 1977 has traveled 18,946,036,024 km so far with a speed of 35.8 km/s! ⚡ 🌌

@stux Nice ! And its letters from deep space are available somewhere on the Internet?

@stux My uncle, and my wife's uncle both worked together on that spacecraft. It has survived them both!

@stux Voyager's RTGs are supposed to stop producing an adequate amount of energy in 5 years, after that the Voyagers will just be dead probes with a rather valuable payload (the gold records) 📀😉@GoatsLive

@ranx @stux
Yup, I was more thinking of the probes themselves though, not their ability to do science. It is amazing that they are still sending back data and that it can still be received! My uncle worked on the electronics, my wife's was the nuclear health physicist trying to convince the general public that no, if the probe crashes into the earth at lift-off, that there will NOT be a disaster!

@GoatsLive yes, I read about the fear some people had of a possible disastrous launch. I guess every age has its fear, I mean, now they are afraid of 5G 😏 back then their fear was a little more reasonable ➡️ plutonium ☢️ 👀 @stux

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