Is there somewhere a nice internet page that explains why you should NOT use Facebook, Twitter etc but other services like the ?

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I need a link for the group WhatsApp from work.. They send stuff like:

"Why people are on Twitter" i a Facebook link :mortyderp:

@novaburst Hmm.. I need something with good examples and images since people are often to lazy to read :blobcatgiggle:

@mur2501 @stux i use the app in demi-god mode to freeze unwanted apps. Use AppOps and Shizuku in combination to control app permissions. The Settings app does not list all permissions and OEM apps regain them at their own free will. AppOps overrides those permissions so if you disable a permission in AppOps and enable it in Settings, it will still be DISABLED.

@stux I'd read some pretty intense summaries of why to do it. Definitely not a "nice" vibe to them, though. There's a lot of Jaron Lanier interview videos where he synopsizes it pretty well (that's what finally did it for me) though that's more time investment than reading a quick page, and it's not often he specifies commercial social media vs. ad-free/funded social media, so the nuances there may be lost on some.

@TonyStark @stux

There are a lot of articles about how they do harm; not nearly enough about alternatives.
Maybe a website could be dedicated to compiling them?

I like sharing them on the same sites they take to task; anti-Zuckerberg articles on FB, anti-Dorsey articles on Twitter.
Then blocking their ads while I use their platforms and never explaining why... adds that flavor of mischief.
"Keep the data set incomplete; foil the algorithm!" is my motto.
Here's one:

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