🎉 After some hard work the website I have been working on for the project @JonathanMBR me and a few others are doing is live! 🚀

We are raising money for children in Kenya so we can offer them education and housing. With your help we want to get as many kids as possible a fighting chance! 💪

(If you find errors please report so I can fix them❤️)

@stux @JonathanMBR great work.

Found: When clicking on contact us at the footer I jump to about us

@stux @JonathanMBR maybe it’s better to change how the words break. Not good to read

@stux @Jonathan

Das Projekt #SchoolForAfrica ist online und sammelt Geld für Kinder in #Kenya, damit ihnen Bildung und Unterkunft angeboten werden kann.

Mit deiner Hilfe kannst du vielen Kindern eine Chance für eine bessere Zukunft geben!

@stux @JonathanMBR Hey, you might want to look into making the Stripe direct debit initiation message more tailored. Currently it just says 'debit initiated by mastodon'

Great cause. I hope you raise a lot of money!
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