If you have a or , please do not use laser pointer too often!

A cat needs to catch the prey from time to time and that cannot be done with a laser so the cat can get depressed if you often use the laser and nothing else.

We don't want that :meow:

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@stux and its the same for dogs (dogs lover here).

@stux Do they though? I mean they are playing and I dont think they have the same sense of failure humans do.

@freemo Oh yes they do! If you only play with that and the cat never 'wins'... Totally!

@stux I can understand the reasoning, I'm just not sure its true. I think it might just be you projecting how you would react if you were a cat.

@freemo I wish it wasn't true.. I have seen examples of cats with a depression, completely the wrong household. Dogs are more easy that way but a cat requires some 'special' care with some things

@stux I've also seen cats though that play with laser pointers nearly constantly and dont appear depressed. Its a hard thing to judge effectively by just looking at anecdotal evidence I fear.

@freemo Could be! I would not take the risk.. Also it's kinda logical :bloblaugh:

It's not like those racing dogs who constanly run until they got the prey and don't know what to do with it

@stux Its logical if talking about a human, to me it seems illogical when talking about a cat. Depression is likely a largely modern day phenomenon even in humans. It would serve know biological purpose in cats in this context. If it were depressing for them to go after prey and loose then wild cats would get depressed if they happened to keep missing their prey, would stop hunting out of depression and die. Logically speaking it serves no function for a cat to get depressed over not getting prey.. sury they might find the outcome undesirable, something to be avoided, and might try harder next time. But depression, I just dont see it.

Hell even humans, the successful ones anyway, dont get depressed over failure. Its a new evolutionary pattern and usually the defining quality of humans who struggle to succeed at life sadly.

@freemo @stux
Domestic cats still resemble alot to their wild cousins unlike dogs which have deviated alot. So most cat behaviours (which we find amusing, funny or weird) just mirrors the way wild cats live in jungles.

@freemo @stux
Cats are a middle of the food chain predators which means they prey over small animals while get preyed by the bigger ones moreover they are solitary animals unlike the dogs which live in packs.

@freemo Even when I play with the animals they need to get the feeling they catch the prey

@stux Thanks, I didn't realize this! Sgt. Pickles seems to have enough things (toys, bugs) to chase after anyway.

@calculsoberic :blobcatgiggle: I see this when I play with Washy or George! If they can't catch the mouse to often they quit playing haha

@stux Aww, hope they don't get depressed! Sometimes what happens to Sgt. Pickles is he'll chase something under a shelf or chair and he can't reach it!

@calculsoberic Oh no! We have soo much toys for them :blobcatgiggle:

2 scratching posts, soo many sleep places, 2 water fountains and 2 litters haha!

@stux That sounds like plenty! We're getting Sgt. Pickles a cat tree for Christmas so hopefully that will keep him out of the plants somewhat!

@stux it can be okay as long as you're luring them with the laser pointer to a treat :blobcatfishnom:

@stux I used a laser pointer for years with #PartManxFreyja. It didn't seem to get her depressed, but then again it was never her favorite toy, and she's not shy about gripping the toy she wants to play with in her mouth and bringing it to me so I can throw it and she can fetch it.

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