A message for people are not contributing to society and only hanging around on the streets because they are "gangsters": go find bloody job and grow up with your gang bullshit, how old are you..

@stux Do you have gangs around your area? When I used to work in the schools, I think some of the kids wanted to join gangs because they felt like they weren't getting much attention at home or felt hopeless. But that's just my impression.

@calculsoberic Noy anymore but there where groups for sure when I was younger! We didn't do that shit and justhad fun :blobcatgiggle:

@stux I had a friend who grew up around all that in Gary, Indiana (according to him, they made you join a gang whether you wanted to or not just because you lived on a certain block). But his mom made sure that he was serious about school and now he's really successful as an adult!

@stux Just speaking from my observations, with no personal experience or professional expertise, I get the impression that some kids join gangs because they will gain some protection or sense of belonging that they don’t have at home or school. Others may do it because economic opportunities aren’t available to them, particularly if they’re in a marginalized community. It isn’t always as simple as just going out and getting a job.

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