Ouarzazate Solar Power Station(by Noor Solar Power).

Covers 2500 hectares (the size of 3,500 football fields) making it the world's largest concentrated power plant. located in the desert in .

Powers over 500,000 homes.


@JonathanMBR That such a cool porject! 💪

In my previous job I also use to place solarpanels on roofs of big big companies. But those where only 12000-13000 max! Still a lot of work

@Ted @JonathanMBR No clue at all.. The system for that is fucked up here..

Many companies only wanted solar panels for the money they got from the government plus they could use "green" in their names.

But many didn't use the power or let the panels become dirty so they won't produce anymore.. The biggest part goes back onto the net but not sure what happens then

@Ted @JonathanMBR For a little while but now theres no money for companies or homeowners anymore for that

Solar power is nice and all but only "worth" it when you have money left to spend, neer get a loan for such a thing

@Ted @JonathanMBR Let's say, it's better spend on your roof then in the bank at the moment

@stux @JonathanMBR oh, certainly! Do you know about whether the supply chain is weathering the pandemic decently?
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