@stux program FAKE_NASA_HACK.exe has exited with exit code 0.

@RobinWils print("Well done")
print("Well done")
print("Well done")
print("Well done")
print("Well done")

@stux Ah, nice! My loot! Too bad that it are not wallet keys or bank PIN’s.

@stux actually quite realistic, most computer systems are based on some bullshit python you wouldn't expect to actually accomplish anything. Then you package it with whatever the UX team comes up with.

@stux made me remember how I received task at uni to prepare information about technical details of some USA anti-missle protection systems implementation, which is kinda classified. Ah, so many jokes about preparation of russian hackers and hacking Pentagon.

Still, it was quite an interesting OSINT task, and some internal documents were funny

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