A guy records a Soyuz launch from an insanely close distance!

** Funny story about Soyuz launches.

So, NASA invested millions of dollars and used their best of the engineers to create a water based sound and heat dampening system, so that vibrations during the launch did not affect the rocket.

So, Russians weren't so keen to do so because of massive costs, so when they were launching their first rocket someone asked what are you doing to curb the vibrations? And they replied, "We dug a big hole".
That's what you see beneath the rocket.

@stux launching from Florida precludes a big hole, we don’t have geology to support that

@bonzoesc @stux
Seriously! I dig down 6 feet in my pasture here on the farm and hit water! 😀


I suppose it is not that hard to create a large pool of water in the holes you dig in florida, in fact one might say that it is quite difficult to dig a hole in florida without it filling up with water lol


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @stux the problem with holes full of water in Florida is who moves in

some of the outbuildings at KSC have permanently disabled motion sensors on doors because alligators would set them off and get trapped

@punky C'est vrais, et du coup le gros de l'ingénierie du pas de tir repose dans le fait qu'il est capable de maintenir la fusée entièrement suspendue au dessus de ce grand trou (poid de la fusée + carburant et tout) et de pouvoir faire tourner tout sa pour aligner les fusées sur l'axe de leur orbite car elles pouvais pas corriger cette partie de trajectoire par elle même jusqu'à assez récemment


Is that a bit of barbed wire held up by a stump to keep you from getting any closer lol?


I feel like its so half assed that you take one look at it and think "yah they really dont give a fuck about keeping me safe if I insist on being an idiot and getting too close, I better not cross that"

@stux I like this motion at about 0:40. Like hands opening: "Now go, love! Travel safely!" :)

@stux That description of "insanely close" is actually very accurate

If for any reason it goes wrong, it will go horribly wrong and he has no place to hide

Also, the Soyuz first stage is RP-1 and liquid oxygen. Although it's "cleaner" than hypergolic fuels, it's not exactly fun stuff to breath in

@cypnk @stux I was thinking the same. That cannot possibly be outside the safety distance.

@loke @stux Plus the fact it's vertical video means it was probably on a phone. There's no way even on high zoom it's outside the safety zone

@cypnk @stux Yeah. You're going to trespass and put your life in danger to make it and they end up filming it in vertical video on a phone.

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