How the build a tunnel under a highway in one weekend and stuff.

One weekend? Crazy. That's 6 months of work in PA

Meanwhile Mumbai is trying to build a new airport since 1980 :welp:

@mur2501 Let us do it! We also build the best oceans, the greatest of them all. They're just terrific

@mur2501 @stux Berlin has been tryingtu build an airport since 2006 and only finished in October this year and Germans thought it was terrifically bad. But if I hear that, Berlin was doing okay 🤭

@stux @mur2501 Which one? I only know of Sagrada Familia from Barcelona.

@mur2501 @stux But well, even though it is now open, it is about the worst time to open a new airport and due to many issues the airport is already pretty much bankrupt.

@Johann150 @stux
The actual ground work on the airport only started here in june 2017

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