When I see ‘fb’ I always get scared but here it’s ‘follow back’ instead of ‘Facebook’ luckily :blobcatgiggle: I hate Facebook

Why I hate Facebook? Alright here we go!

- On Facebook YOU are the product. They want you as long as possible on the platform so they can show you as many ads as possible.

- Their privacy settings are broken from the beginning. Facebook knows ALL about you.

- Mark Zuckerberg is a little child with far too much power who doesn’t wants to be responsible for the well-being of its users..

It’s good that you do not use Facebook but remember this..

Even when you have not opened it but you are ‘logged in’ on your browser, Facebook wil still track you on all websites that you go where the ‘Facebook 1 pixel tracking’ is installed.

That way Facebook knows what you do on the web even when you ‘are not using it’.

If you ask me, please delete ASAP.

@jisugn Facebook is just pure pure evil with all its privacy flaws.. not even talking about Mark Zuckerbrothers :blobcatgiggle:

@stux tbh, i never use facebook anymore 👀 #

@Goeun Please delete it 🙂 it has a tracking pixel. So even when you not using it, it’s still tracking you on other websites that support that pixel

@stux I- WHUT. Really? Gonna delete them then 😩 that's scary.

@stux UR SO CUTE UGHHH ​:ACNH_Love:​​:ACNH_Love:​​:ACNH_Love:​​:ACNH_Love:​​:ACNH_Love:​​:ACNH_Love:​ sending you all the love x

@stux Wuah, I already know some of them wkwwk

But for me, I don't like it cause it just so many things to do there... I like the simple one, like you~

Simple yet lovely 💘💘

@stux wow, btw thanks fyi .... And fortunately i never use it :blobcatnightuwu:

@00Hannie Yes, it’s one of their tactics to collect as much info as possible about its users :sad_dog:

@stux OMG, and some of my apps are connected to Facebook....

Eventhough I never really use Facebook anymore....

@stux oOw shit, I'll delete my facebook asap. thanks stux! :blobmeltsoblove:

@irenx :clapping: Choose for yourself♥️ Your info is worth more, don’t give it away🥰♥️ We only ask the email and that’s it! Like it should

@stux I'm not using it anymore but the account is still there, and 'cause you gimme the information make me want to delete it soo bad :flan_set_fire:

@irenx I deleted it before I started Mastodon and I feel so good about it! Privacy first♥️♥️

@stux Really??????? But I've been using it since I was very young and nothing happened to my account so far...

@allbyhana True! Nothing happens but FB is building a big database with info about you and everyone else. So they can use that for future projects. It’s not a ‘big deal’ now but what.. what if they are gonna create a bank or healthcare.. that becomes scary

@stux 😭😭😭😭 But luckily I've deleted it and not using fb again since I was 18, that sounds creepy.... I hope your platform won't do the same thing and would reached the more successful in the future! ✨

@stux Really?😱 lucky I've stopped using facebook

@stux You can also use Firefox's containers add-on to isolate your browsing activity:

@stux another new information of the scariest thing from them. Glad I didn't use it now... It's been..... 4 years tho

@stux [ gladly i haven’t used it anymore since long long time ago- ]

@stux I don't have an account, and Firefox blocks all the facebook cookies automatically. I block all the known 1 pixel url's with a giant HOSTS file that's ugdated regularly. Last think I want to do it give anything to them.

@stux pihole blocking all fb tracking is nice.

@stux That's why I am using hBlock in Linux and uBlock Origin + Facebook Container in the browser.

And when I'm using Facebook through a family member's account, I do it via a virtual machine that I only use for that purpose.

And don't forget, you are the product at Google and Microsoft, too. Maybe also at Apple (I never use their products and services, so I don't know for 100%).

@stux that Facebook privacy CVE is open for years know and I fear it'll eventually closed as wontfix :/

@stux Even worse, even if you don't have an account, they still keep a shadow profile on you. I deleted my account a long time ago, but what's crazy is that an old email address that I used for facebook got pwnd from something I had used facebook to sign into, AFTER I had deleted my account.

@stux In fact, fb will track you even if you are logged out.
As a matter of fact, fb will track you and build a profile of you even if you have NEVER been a member! Yes, via all the junk ppl install on the web pages you visit.
I use a new container for each tab, but 'they' (not only fb are tracking you!) could still 'get me' by finger-printing my browser - especially my font mix and current ip address.
Being truly anon with any modern browser is impossible I think.

@stux yesterday we started the desconstruction of the senate hearing on g0ogle c3nsorship. Now today it seems so much relevant that i am afr4id to even say anything clearly on tw1tr because of the unseen manipulation of the surfacing of information.

@stux I'M LAUGHING OUT LOUD WHAT IS THIS I LOVE IT HAHAH thank you for making my day better 🦄 Love you!

@stux I've wanted to leave FB (yes, I'm on there), but I would have to make sure I have other ways of keeping in touch with people who normally contact me through there. Guess I need to sit down and make that effort. I know about all their privacy violations, and somehow something keeps me addicted. It's like a drug.

@calculsoberic I had the same thing.. trust me, just do it! It feel really really good!

I did it before I had this so I did had nothing at the time. You have something good to fall back on♥️ These days I am proud that i don’t have FB and I’m letting people always know haha

@stux I'm sure I have other ways of connecting with the people who are important to me! I should connect to them by calling, texting, etc. The old-fashioned way.

@stux after only sporadically checking it out and nothing of interest happening there I finally got around to deleting my account this week. But it being Facebook they will keep it around for at least 30 more days before actually deleting it. And I almost clicked the wrong link to just deactivating the account because of confusing design.

@stux LMAOO. well, tbh I already delete my facebook account because of some reasons

@juliya @stux Same here, been banned 3 times this year for "blaming China andGermany"

We are at times where Social Networks even impedes you to criticize governments
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