@FrostedSiren Can I maybe help? Or do you use

@FrostedSiren I see! In that case you could perhaps upgrade the package? :blobcathearts:

@stux I make $1200 Canadian dollars a month.

In order to cover the current server load, I would have to upgrade to the £89 plan.

Do you have any idea how terrifying that amount of money is? I have rent to pay and I'm my mother's legal guardian.

@stux this is beyond my capacities.

I was expecting a few users to be interested. Not a few hundred.

@FrostedSiren :blobcatgiggle: I totally get that! At the moment I earn about €800 a month and this server costs over €500 :bloblaugh: I do know how it feels trust me!♥️

@FrostedSiren I know :sadlinux: It started out far more slowly but we’re now just over a year old. But it also brings huge costs with it♥️

@stux I don't even know what to do. Other than cry. And drink.

@FrostedSiren Don’t, close signups for now🙂

How many active at the moment? I’m gonna think with you on this♥️

@stux i had to close signups.

My hosting plan estimates it can handle somewhere around 5% of the current users.

@FrostedSiren Hmm.. I see!

Are you able to setup your own server? So with a source code install? That way you can rent a 40,- VPS or even dedicated and set it up there so you can expand more easily and for a better price :mastowink:

@stux I am technologically illiterate at this level of stuff. That's why I had to pay for a managed server. I tried a manual host and couldn't even get the thing to start.

@FrostedSiren I see♥️ For me it was also trail and error the first few times but it worked :blobcatgiggle:

Managed hosted is okay but it can get into costs even more quickly than a stand alone sever I think

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