⚠️ Please stop asking for follows and just list your account in the user directory! (See screenshot) Go to account settings and check the box:

When you do ask for a follow please post unlisted so that people on the local & global timelines are not bothered by this! You can do that by clicking/tapping on the "Globe" icon and change to "unlisted" 🎉 Thank you!

@xlia intinya jangan minta pollbeck gitu lii

@stux naaaa enih. Thankyou so much for your reminder admin🙇‍♂

This is Stuxy
Stuxy invests time and money to make thousands happy and connect them
Stuxy is welcoming to everyone
Stuxy loves people
People love Stuxy
Stuxy does what Stuxy says
Be like Stuxy

@stux i wanna ask. can i use gif ava in android web? or it is just only in laptop devices?

Donate for 

😀💪 Please try to give admin @stux 🐈 some financial support.

$ 1 to $ 2 is also valuable. There are costs to bring the many nice people together.

Many many thanks 💕²

(for more infomationen see here )

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