@stux everytime i go revisit a npm based project i wrote and find out that everything is full of vulnerabilities, and everything breaks when i update, and i'm like, what the literal fuck was i thinking

@metasyn @stux Javascript is a cute language to make stuff spin on a website

@jaj @stux are you trying to tell me that everything shouldn't be react in an electron app with redux and refuckerify and ... heresey!!!

That is why
$ rm -rf node_modules
is part of the canonical javascript developers' workflow.

@alsternerd ahahahahaha I couldn't stop thinking how did they clean up the house after that. hahahahah

@stux How odd, the floor covering makes it look like this was planned, but the way they're running seems to indicate something went wrong.

@stux It reminds me of a james-bond-esk spy movie with all those garbed scientists running away from the goo monster. Now all you need is a black control panel with ticking down LCDs and a wall of clocks all at different time zones with a outline of the earth behind it
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