In the last 5 years, I won over $7,300 by not buying a lottery ticket every month

@stux That's right, because lotteries are a scam that many people believe in.

@novaburst @Gamercat The chance the world will start an accident nuclear war is bigger :blobderpy:

@stux @novaburst To be honest, I liked the USSR (although the country is not unambiguous), but excellent ideas were implemented there, such as a ban on alcohol until 34 (if I'm not mistaken, it's a pity they didn't extend the ban), a ban on lotteries until 23, but at least that was.

@Gamercat @novaburst Ah, it’s also from 18 here. Only issue is.. all lottery related things are owned by the state so they can ‘regulate’ and keep it in moderation but they spend sooo freaking much money on advertising, for the 4 or 5th year in a row they won the prize for ‘best working TV commercial’. And that’s from the fucking government!

They wanna exclude people under 24 but the new campaign is focused on’s total madness over here. And I cannot start a lottery, that’s illegal

@novaburst @stux And a lot of young people when I was in school and started living in Israel told me in all seriousness that they could win money there.

Have those door to door lottery ticket sellers fucked off from whence they came? They don't do that here and would have a very bad time if they did

@trebach They still try.. and I still keep them busy so they spend less time with people who do fall for it 🤓

@stux should keep them occupied for a while. Other good topics are the stories of Bob McDonnell, Joe Morrissey, Rob Ford, Rod Blagojevich, Jerry Springer, and Marcus Vick


"Once I saved a man's life. I could have pushed him under a streetcar but I didn't."
- Lafayette Ron Hubbard, from his journal

not to be contrarian, but I have a friend who plays a couple scratch offs a couple times a week. he regularly wins a few hundred dollars, and a couple times won like 2 grand. he's actually made a good chunk of money playing scratch offs. 0.o

I guess, the larger the payout, the worse your chances are...but the inverse is true as well

@Scrith Perhaps the exception! Someone has to win ‘something’ :flan_wink:

@Scrith If you flip over the scratch off ticket, it will tell you the odds of receiving each prize and of receiving any prize. For every prize your friend won, there's 2-4 people who played and didn't win anything

@trebach @stux hmm, interesting. I guess that's a legal requirement, to let people know what the odds are of the game they're playing

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