:weed: Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol 🍺

Drugs are bad, but the drug war is worse. It's possible that legalizing marijuana could be a huge public-health win.

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>get the drug from some shady dealer
>get the drug from a proper regulated channel that can provide information about proper usage and potential health risks

Kinda speaks for itself. Weed also isn't some sort of hardcore drug like heroine and stuff, so I never got why everyone chucks it right in the same category.

@stux Plus a massive tax win. Colorado has more than fully funded its public schools with the 25% tax it placed on recreational marijuana. Medical has a tax as well but it's more like 7%

@stux weed is great! although I did have trouble driving while high once...

@stux you know that bad trip I had on weed was probably because it was laced

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