It's a little sad.. I'm still working my paws of on the server for better stability and worrying about sponsors and now we get a ton load of work for useless reports not in my language.. Please do not do that

It's good you report the 'bad' things and users but not for fun since it's some work for us

@stux i'm so sad that this is happening to you :(( but I hope everything goes well for you and tusky!

@stux I'm really sorry for all this mess patrão......

@stux I'm so sorry stux, we love you please don't be sad. You're doing well

(Sorry for my English)

@stux im sorry... youre doing a great job, okay? i love u❤

@stux oh stux, darling, calm it will be all right ok? good luck with all this, really :ablobcatheart:

@stux you're totally right, sorry about that :(

@stux my apologies for this, i know you're doing the best you can 💗

@stux We love you very much, and we're not going to make the same mistake. thank you for keeping the platform operating ❤️

@stux sorry about that, sweet! some bad people just came in

@stux let's try to inform most of the people who are here not to repeat themselves again, I apologize boss 🙌🏼


need some help with some user reports? I will see what I can do tomorrow! (no promises though a little busy with work)
Pls ping me ;) 🍺 💓

@stux please don't overload yourself, i am sorry

@stux im sorry angel :(( if i see something bad and have to report i'll make sure to translate :(( sorry for real

@stux sorry stux, if i need report somebody i'll report in english and only if be really a bad thing


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