I'm searching for an older toot where I explain why we do not have "verified" on . You can put in the :verified: custom emoji in your display name for that ❤️

Every users on here is the same in "rank", every person is equally important ❤️

@stux I think @jamewils took a lot of your toots and made them into a Mastadon SOP...

Having the option to use :verified: is nice, but I think it's misleading for new users. :(


> every person is equally important

except kitten.exe who is some kind of minor deity.

Well, you don't have that type of "verified" but you have a different one. And that has nothing to do with "ranking people". And, but the way, allow me to disagree, we're not all equal, not here nor anywhere else. I am not equal to those who stand for violence against others or to those spreading hate against others. As, I guess, you're not too.
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