@0x00 true, was also thinking about that but let’s keep it super mega positive so maybe people start listening finally 😘

@stux no. always tell the truth. a single lie makes the whole thing a lie. percentages of undisclosed amounts are always a lie. never trust percentages. personally prefer certain, most likely, slight chance, most unlikely and terms like that than using percentages.

@nergal @0x00 Alright, you are right! I edited the original :ablobgrin: better? 😄

@stux @nergal @0x00 Does anyone have the source study for these numbers? I need something that I can point to about wearing masks.

Those studies assume, that the risk of infection is mainly due to droplets, which does ignore, that the higher risk is in aerosols
Even infection by aerosols seems to be more hazardous and harmful, because it directly affects lungs.
We don't have real profound data backed by real field-collected research. @stux @nergal

@HDValentin @nergal @0x00 Found it on the web and made a few little edits 😮

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