Yesterday evening I made about a dozen of these sunset photos. All original without filter or edits 🙂

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@deavmi the red one yes 😉 it’s only my second day, I hope I’ll see the other one also again 😇 Got some food ready for them :blobcathearthug:

Little bee! Got a ton of them in the garden this year. HUGE ones as well. :D

@stux i like these, including the insects is good, beautiful pics

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@stux Beware of that big ship, its coming for you⚠️☠️

@mur2501 thanks! Almost didn’t see it there 😇 also the 🌊 :blobcheer:

@stux Flat earth believer's would love it😜❤️😅

@mur2501 in this pic yes! While looking over the horizon, the bottom of the ship disappears first indicating a round earth :blobcatcheer: 😇

@stux :aww: where have you been? this looks awesome :blobfoxwhoaa:

@mitsuki it’s called Hoek van Holland, many big sea ships dock here😃

@TonyStark Thank you Tony! ❤️ they are all free to use :blobcathearthug: anywhere always! 😉

@SteveRogers @TonyStark Thank you Steve! ❤️ I sure have :blobcathearthug: I hope you also have a nice day friend!

@stux this is beautiful! for some reason I thought this particular one was a joke (like the birds were shaped like the clouds or something.)

@calculsoberic Haha! I haven't even looked at it that way😇 🐦

@calculsoberic Sorry! I'll do that again when I'm home or have some free time :stux: I though I'll share my vacation with you all so you can also enjoy a little ❤️

@stux hope you're being safe while on vacation! the only "traveling" I'm doing right now is driving back and forth to work (and only 2 days a week at that.)

@calculsoberic Thank we will! ❤️ Yesterday it was so crowed in the city that i felt the need to leave haha.. I think i have a method of keeping people away from me.. :flan_laugh: Not a healthy one but it works, i just blow my smoke around me so people don't dare to enter my space 👑

@stux that's a good idea! I would say "oh, you're safer in blah blah blah" but covid is pretty much everywhere. I guess some countries have lower counts though.

@calculsoberic 😄 it works so far! We did had a 'cleaver lockdown' over here but many things are lifted again, the 1.5m is still there luckily but on the busy streets you can't stay away 1.5m so I'd rather avoid those places :sad_cat:

To be honest.. I do think there will be a second wave

@stux it's starting to rise again here but we've handled it really poorly tbh (well, not me personally but our governor)

@calculsoberic I bet :sad_dog: I don't get it.. why do people think it's over? Everyday there are still so many dying from it :(

@stux either they are really ignorant or it's so overwhelming that their brains can't handle it so they just choose to not believe the truth.

@stux no offense, but it was never really over, at least not where I live! maybe it was better in the UK, but I heard they started requiring everyone to wear masks and people were protesting there too. Come on, people!!

@calculsoberic true that! We can be safe again when there a vaccin :sad_cat: I did not feel very comfortable yesterday in the city with so many people on the street.. I'm avoiding it from now on 😃

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