Leave now. This hack proves again that it's time for decentralized social media.

Join anywhere in the !

@stux yeah been reading the news, it's actually possible. twitter safety is just a conviction by now.

@stux Make no mistake, huge platforms like Twitter don't actually have security very high on their priority list, despite whatever BS their PR department claims. Shareholders are their true priority.

@stux I wish I could convince more people to leave. Sadly, most people I know won't care. They have too big of a following there, and the need to pay bills is bigger than the need for more secure social media.

And of course, discoverability on the fediverse is barely working at best, given how things were designed (and people protesting some discoverability improvements to keep away abusers).

@stux Twitter is literally permabanning people for a bad word, or misinterpreted text based on mob reporting. It's broken, and they wouldn't take my appeal or my friend's appeal either.

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