@stux my wife's cat used to steal fried chicken all the time. smart cat

@tomasino @stux Just lol'd at the idea of a cat casually going in the street with a fried chicken and then saying hello.

@lanodan @tomasino I’m still waiting for my cat to bring a Tesla home.. or at least the keys

@stux @tomasino a crow or magpie would be more likely to do this. (would love one as a fellow)

@lanodan @tomasino yes! As a child I wanted a crow buddy and still do!

@stux @lanodan @tomasino
My cat once came at the door from outside with a live pigeon in his maw (he had it by one of its wings). He wanted to come in with it... I managed to make him release the pigeon. The pigeon was on the balcony for some time (I was checking through the window every 5 min) then was gone.

I'm glad he's no longer hunting...

@stux ..I'm pretty sure that's my ex-wife's divorce lawyer ...

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