Sometimes I wish we never made Twitter <=> Mastodon coss-posting possible.

I don't wanna see your second hand 'Tweets' on here please

@TonyStark it's so annoying. thinking you're talking to someone who just post everything with their birdshite site account :angry_laugh:


It's a trash platform and I refuse to use it except to promote Mastodon.

@stux saw one of the admin made a rules if anyone post twitter to mastodon they will get ban I believe..

@i3x that’s a little harsh probably.. some toot or tweets is not bad but if you’re only on Twitter what good does it do but spam? :(


I recommend muting the term ""

That hides most of them. And big same. If I want to see twitter posts, I'll just login there.

@stux put it in the filter and your timeline will win.

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