Climate change is a big fucking issue and we are all responsible. There are such great minds here on the fediverse, how bloody great would it be if we finally could come up with something active together?

We always say we don’t need big corporations right? Well, let’s show them that we together could come up with something without them! C’mon you genius, share your ideas and thoughts so we can start building something now!


We should all do our personal part, turn off electric stuff when we don’t use it. Don’t shower too long and often. Eat less or no meat. Public transportation, electric cars etc, etc..

But other then that, what could we start/do? Start a hashtag or create our own collective non-profit and DO something, start protest, donate money, what is a better and more direct idea/solution to this (‘boring’) but sooo important issue that we have going for us and our children.

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