I watch this video everyday at least once so I am happy the whole day 🎈

@stux :blobcat:

oh and @mewmew @Jain I saw that there isn't an astronaut blob cat.

@stux on a side note, I'm finally working on that mastodon/fediverse article. I'd love if you tooted it when it's done!

@stux actually, I think I need some good technical resources to explain that part a little bit...

@stux thanks again. I'd considered starting my own instance but it seems like so much work and I already have 1000 other projects

@calculsoberic I don't know about Masto, but Pleroma was dead simple to set up. I think I spent more time deciding on vps hosting that I did on instance setup. Whole thing took just couple hours.
@calculsoberic I ended up using Amazon EC2, since they offer a free year of t2.micro instances, which are more than enough to run a single user instance off of. There's pennies per month that I pay for stuff like dns and having a fixed IP, but overall its very cheap.

@blight doesn't sound too bad! I've only been on Pleroma as a regular user for a little bit.

@stux This is actually a genius strategy because memes spread fast, and if you make a ad meme. BOOM. 1 million views in a week

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