Space X: "We can't launch due to bad weather" Soyouz:

@stux English is weird. O-rings are one thing, O-faces entirely another...

@thor @stux did you seriously just lewd the challenger disaster :blobcatglare:

@georgia @stux This is why you should never put me in charge of a PR department.

@georgia @stux But seriously, the English language was practically begging me to do it

@georgia @stux A friend of mine had this idea for a game where you're a skyscraper trying to run away from planes...

@stux @georgia It was in extremely poor taste, but I laughed. I mean, it was pretty creative.

...then he added "I mean, where would it hide? :D"

@georgia @thor How much time has passed?! :O yes I did🤫🤭 I feel deeply ashamed as a space geek.. I know...

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