This unfinished mechanical bird head with movable beak

@terryenglish Haha you think it’s scary?☺️ I would wear this to the supermarket 🦅

@stux Creepy cool! My first thought was it could be the base head of a Skeksis cosplay!

@stux this is literally the first thing I have ever seen that has made me seriously want a fursuit. O________________O that is *gorgeous*!!

@stux @9GAG ah... darn. running down the source is going to be challenging, I see... thanks!

@troodon @9GAG Yup I’m afraid so :( Maybe a reverse image search? 9GAG has a nasty way of not posting the source..

@stux @9GAG I'll give that a try... it's such a *beautiful* build. :)

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