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If you like you can support the community on or ! :patreon: or by sending Bitcoin, Ether or Stellar!

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot ❤️

@stux This is why I love mastodon, pod admins don't earn money from your usage or without your will

@neutron Earning no! 😆 To be honest even with all donations it still costs me a part of my paycheck but it's so worth it ❤️

@stux yess i agree with you, when I become 18 and be able to host my own pod i will pay from my paycheck.
100 percent worth it.

It's very important to do this if we want to be here.

I have a monthly donation set up.

Let's all pitch in what we can so Stux at least doesn't lose money creating things for us. 💥

No ads and no selling of our data is a thing I value a lot.

So do I! If those of us who can, each chip in a little, it all adds up!

@stux any idea of the cost / income. I'm quite interested to see what does it cost.
Where are we hosted ? Aws ?

@Silkypurohit @stux Hey @stux People are facing problems in logging on mastodon, I hope you will be able to address it fast. Thanks
Pls check the error message attached for you.

@stux .. I have been here 3 days .. and I am elated ... I spent 11 years on Twitter before I got a dishonorable discharge .. I can tell you unequivocally, that Mastodon us a far superior platform .. I really mean that .. and thank you.

@DonDraper @stux I do agree that Mastodon is an amazing platform.

One issue I do have with it is: the JavaScript / TypeScript community *reeeeallly* is not there yet on the fediverse, I hope that kicks up sometime in the next few years.

To be honest, I am quite fond of the Twitter JS / TS scene. That's how I learned React and TailwindCSS (and a lot of other cool stuff).

@DonDraper @stux but then there's, which is pretty much useless.

I would love to see Twitter users in my feed, and the above "Actor" does not allow that, so I don't actually see the purpose of hosting it.

e.g. a good example is Dan Abramov, he is a cool guy, and I haven't heard about him in ages since I left Twitter.

@DonDraper @stux maybe we could compromise, and come up with a decent way to mirror RSS feeds to the fedi?

@resynth1943 @stux

I better consult our IBM guy before I wade into this.

All I have is a Texas Instruments calculator.

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