🎉 #Mastodon v3.1.4 is out:


This release includes many bugfixes, ability to remove Keybase proofs from your account, support for new unicode emoji, improvements around delivery to dead servers, and new options for browsing public timelines!

⚠️ An issue has been reported with the `tootctl upgrade storage-schema` command in relation to DigitalOcean Spaces. Avoid executing that for now if you're using Spaces.

Also, a warning has been added to the release notes: You don't need to run that command at all. It would incur data transfer costs to do so as it moves files around.

@stux @Mastodon And.. now he shows no followers on his profile- how do I become his follower again? We want to lock account. Cannot till I follow him? I am terrified to dink with anything now on social, this has been a nightmare since I deleted his prior texts. Hey!! I’m 66 & this is my high school boyfriend of 48 yrs ago! In love & heavy petting via text! Help! Thanks, Mr goodhearted

@stux @Mastodon My best friend is who I text, I am mygal as u can see

@mygal Yes I see indeed, is this friend also on Mastodon?

@stux oops! Forgot to check site! So- yes, my friend is the other texter, both of us exclusively use amastedon social, uh, Amaroq? I believe our instance is.

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