Did you know you can support just by downloading and using a web browser called ?

After you download it, you can decide if you want to earn tokens from watching a few ads (or disable it!) and those tokens can be auto contributed to sites that are verified Brave creators 😉

Give it a try!

@stux I'm watching you stux. I'm taking notes on how it's done.

@stux That’s cool. I didn’t know I could do that with Brave, but I already have it on my laptop and phone, so I’ll give that a go.

@TheHulk Thank you! Only downloading already helps us

@stux I dumped Brave for Vivaldi. Bretter tab overview, customizable start page and faster way to bookmarks.


Thanks for this info. Already using Brave, didn't know what to do with those tokens. Now I have a good reason to click on those little ads. 👍

@stux hot take: advertisers are scum & take our time/attention, pushing useful thoughts out to sell useless stuff … Advertising can never be an ethical biz model.

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