@stux Please tell me this is on his dating profile. :blobtoiletpaper:

@stux He has toiletpaper and a heartbeat, he's my type.

@shebang I don’t have his profile link sorry! 😿

@shebang @stux Yes, but how many surgical masks and N95 respirators does he own?


I'm helping myself with the English dictionary, what is your name and where do you live?


Deshalb liebe ich Mastodon... es kommt zwischendrin auch immer mal was Lustiges! Bildunterschrift: "I don't hamster, it's a need for me."

@stux I wonder what he'll do when it's time to hit the pot, if he's gonna be this way??

@stux The way he's dressed up, it'll be more of shitting the pants. (Language, I know)

@stux I accidentally spilled some 70% rubbing alcohol, that made me feel opulent.

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