In these crappy days you can always laugh at some funny shit over at that I created for you ❤️

You can also easily create a account and start posting some cool funny stuff 😄

There are some ads so I can pay for the server but if you don't like that you can always use AdBlocker 🙉

Have fun!

@stux In 20020, this is what historians are going to be using to prepare their lectures. Amazing. Thanks.

@stux Indeed! I was about to drop your RSS feed into it before I realized it was your site, so I took a step back :)

@artilectzed Haha no worries friend! You can put it in :-) I’m glad you like the site!

@artilectzed @deadlol Cheeers! 💪 thank you friend! now signup and start posting haha!

@artilectzed That's a nice one! I want to install some ActivityPub plugins but not sure when yet 😉 WordPress had features for that luckily!

Thanks for the link though, bookmarked

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