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@stux I believe that comes a great crisis, the citizens of Earth will rise up and take back the planet. But it won't be pretty with the billionaires and they're flying armament, What crisis is that? 1.25 billion people with no water to drink or farm. Until them, keep your head low and save yourself for a brighter future

@stux i feel sad that some progressives support corporate surveillance, when this is a thing that will benefit the companies themselves, not them. I am a progressive guy, btw.

@stux what's your favorite thing about Mastodon?
Mine is that it's decentralized, peaceful, and *chill* :3

@icymastodon That would be the amazing people ❤️ :blobcatgiggle: Mastodon and the :fediverse:

@stux yeah! its also pretty laid back and just chill :)
and yes. i am alive again because i am warm :D

@captain @tk Uh.. well depends on what you think is "censorship".

I mean, if you are on you agree with our rules if not seek a home elsewhere, it's that simple :blobcatgiggle:

One can say whatever he wants doesn't mean other must and will listen to that shit :blobcathearts:

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