@stux Greta is a child


What did people expect her to be like "these things are bad for the planet" and then personally bulldoze them into the ground?

Whoever drew this is a boomer

@luna That' true but look at the big picture. People these days get awards for 'fighting for nature and earth' but nothing happens..

I'm all for the Earth, 100% but I don't like people who are pretending to make things better but only care about the publicity

@stux You're attacking a child for telling massive cooperations to stop ruining the planet and then blame a child for said massive cooperations not doing anything?

You are accusing a 16 year old autistic child of rallying against climate change for ATTENTION? What the fuck are you on about?

Need I remind you that Greta, a CHILD, has been subjected to death threats, rape threats, and being photoshopped into pictures thereof as well as literal nazi propaganda.

Are you fucking mental? Attention?

"I'm all for the Earth" you're all for being full of shit lmao

If you actually gave a shit you'd complain about the oil companies that refuse to do anything because they are getting unimaginably rich off of destroying the fucking planet so they can keep wiping their ass with 1000 dollar bills.

@luna @stux I understood the original picture more as a critique of society: some people praise activists like Greta but then often don't follow through or actually do what activists like her demand.

greta thunberg 

@luna @stux Also iirc Thunberg has been _very vocal_ at every award thing she has received that "sure this is an honor and all, but _fucking do something concrete you fucks_"

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