@stux it's also able to be powered wirelessly, duh

@sangv @stux lmao no way, there's not anything remotely capable of providing such power yet

it can be plugged in on multiple sockets

@xerz @stux shit you're right, my bad, i'm someone who comes from the future, i keep forgetting that 2020 doesn't have the technology i'm familiar with

@sangv @stux oh! are you using wormholes on demand, are you using FTL rockets, is it a Maxwell's demon

@xerz @stux fuck i've been found out
okay im not actually from the future πŸ˜”

@sangv @stux or maybe you are πŸ€”

it all depends on the point of reference πŸ‘€

@stux Marketing people work very hard and that are little details. They were designing the next stupid ad with another happy family.

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