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@stux maybe cheering on for Mastodon for a whole, but I say fuck that. Just get on the Waifu club and be your true self. Because i'm a sellout.

I'm sorry, Stux. ;;


please, #mastodon is only one part of the #fediverse .

The interesting thing about mastodon is, that it is connected to the #fediverse - which means, there is no lock-in effect, as you can simply change the program to "watch" the fediverse.

@fruechtchen It's not only Mastodon but a whole lot of other communities to! From Pleroma to WordPress, so many things are federated these days! It's awesome 👍


Yes. but the point i'm trying to make: many people who use mastodon don't know the term "fediverse". They don't know pleroma, friendica, etc.

They don't know the best part of mastodon.

Can you please explain that when you explain mastodon? I think its important.

@fruechtchen I'm sorry, I misunderstood!

I totally agree with you on this and I will next time 🙂

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