Do you call your new digital home?

@stux the fediverse has been my digital home for a few years, whether it's Mastodon or Pleroma or some other software doesn't matter much; it's the network that counts.

@stux there’s more fediverse software than just mastodon.

@AstroBadger Yes but in this poll I'm asking about Mastodon :mastowink:

@stux Not really. Though I do post here on a regular basis.

@stux yes but the moderation in this instance.. is imo not sufficient.

Also, if i find something better, i might switch.

@stux bunch of accounts pushing xenophobic news sites. Also antivax, 5G scaring, climate denial, nationalism.(nationalism which i expect will end up promoting fascistic politics) Non exhaustively.

@jasper I'm sorry I didn't see you there :0530: Why don't you setup your own instance or migrate to an instance better fitting with your needs?

@TNINDDefInfo @stux pretty sure is too big already.

Switching/making a new instance are options.. But think this one can just be moderated better.. (also the accounts in questions seem to have very low rates of success, i still want them out..)

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