Do you agree? And why?

"Social media platform Mastodon last week suspended an account of the Assam Police saying it will “not welcome cops”."

"We decided that we will not welcome cops on this instance, and we encourage the rest of the fediverse to do the same. Following multiple reports, we decided that it’s more important that our community feels safe and in security, than to be a platform for official communication."

@stux Agreed. Cops aren't safe to be around, so people aren't going to feel safe with cops in their community.

@ghost_bird Isn't that a more 'personal' experience?

In the country wher I live the main population is very happy with the current police situation. Maybe it's a good example for how it should be, the police is truely our friend 😃 But that's from this side of the word, it could be very different over there ofcourse..

@stux What makes your experience less 'personal' than mine, though? And what basis does it give you for dismissing the concerns of people in your community who don't share it?

@ghost_bird I don't say that. But the overall experience with law inforcement?

I don't, and that's why I ask instead of assuming things 😉

@stux My direct experience of the police is neutral - I'm old and white and posh enough not to draw their attention even now I'm out as trans - but I've watched them beat and harass people I know. And more importantly I understand their role, which is to maintain the status quo through the threat of violence. That's positive to the extent that you benefit from the status quo... but we don't all benefit equally and cops don't like it when you step out of line.

@stux (For a professional's view, I suggest asking any lawyer what their advice is on dealings with cops. Or searching for advice from lawyers online.)

@stux @ghost_bird ok i'm really curious, what country do you live in where everyone loves cops? and what are you basing that on? like do you think your friends are representative of the population as a whole

@stux the community (=those who are on that instance) should be free to decide. This poll will mean different things to different people. I have come to understand every instance in the fediverse is free to govern itself and we all will respect their choice.

@ahalam That is certainly true! But before I make any decisions I like to ask the community about this since I'm not the only one using this instance 🙂

@stux I am not on your instance but I would vote to not have them on the instance. They serve no purpose in their official capacity. The governments should be running their own instances to post updates to the fediverse. Why should they have to lean on volunteer run and/or donation funded instances? It isn't the protocols prevent them.


Absolutely being closely in with cops n filing many on online bullying..I can validate police does nothing so much that criminals celebrate n hound the complainant ...better v deal with criminals without law here..tit for tat

@stux that's why we have federation and individual instances. If that instance doesn't want cops, so be it. Others who disagree are welcome to form their own instance. Heck, the cops can form their own if they want.

@stux "Social media platform Mastodon last week suspended an account…"

We run into this all the time by news organizations that don't yet understand what the Fediverse is. "Mastodon" didn't suspend anyone. The instance admins suspended an account on their instance.

The difference seems trivial but it's a really big deal and at the heart of what makes the Fediverse special. It would benefit everyone to share that distinction with press whenever possible.

@tomasino True, they often interpeted as one site or platform.

I also saw a new article about Mastodon and they named Eugen and in one and the same article.. Clearly they don't have any clue

@stux reporters hate being ignorant on a subject and are generally quick to correct things when they learn truth. It's the heart of their profession. We can help by being those educators and in turn others will learn.

@stux The poll's lacking critical options. banning the Assam Police account is fine. Admins reserve the right to ban users, and set rules for their instances.
But I encourage the rest of the fediverse to not follow that decision; I think there should be a place for offical communication in the fediverse. Maybe that takes the form of, I dunno,, an instance just for corporations. And then can block the whole instance. But it should exist.

@Zergling_man True, I cannot pull all details within 500 chars.. :( But this poll is about how people personally think about this, not what the instance admin wants or allows 😉

Since I want the best for our users I will always ask before I do things that have impact on the whole community, I hope you can understand that 😄

@stux (Unlimited post length thanks. Pleroma is sounding pretty great.)

Ah, so was this poll intended for only? - Well, it's not like I've voted.
In any case, those are my personal thoughts; I want to emphasise the decentralised nature of the fediverse.

@Zergling_man Haha no, I can change the toot char limit with 3 clicks but our users are happy with 500 char 😉

No it's for the fediverse, I'm wondering how people are thinking about this! We can also post local-only for that kind of thing here

@stux all cops everywhere anywhere are bad and should stop being a part of the systemic abuse of citizens solely justified by being told to do so by the state. ACAB 1312 fuck all pigs

@stux Mastodon didn't block cops across all instances. I still federate with and and also allyourcopsbelongtous.base and love cops :police_car_fb:

@stux Note: I may have made up all those URLs. :police_light_fb:


I dont mind cops on the platform. Freedom applies to a cop too.

An official police dept account? No I don't think there is place here for that. Mastodon is quite 'peer-to-peer'. Everybody is on the same level. Bringing in a police account just creates a new 'layer' above everybody else by virtue of the power that entity officially wields in the offline world.

@stux No policing the social media.. NEVER EVER

No retired cops and generals should be allowed here.

@amarsharma @stux I mean he could have just used another instance. But yeah I don't like cops, I just think it's wrong to censor them.

@amarsharma @stux it's funny how they describe Mastodon as a whole rather than 1 instance.

@stux .....cops and military are obsolete...we have out grown them

@stux imagine actually welcoming cops. There is literally no up side. I mean unless you think increasing the odds of you being arrested at minimum, and murdered at worstcase are good.

@stux The platform gives the people a place to gather and express ideas freely which may not happen with a police team monitoring. Especially one which going to help in creating a detention camps for 1.9.million people.

A police team can have their own instances and and anybody who wants to interact with them can do so over there.

@stux I would argue that this is a decision that should be entirely in the hands of individual instances, because people in different geographies and different socioeconomic circumstances will likely have very different feelings towards the police. I believe that the spirit of the fediverse is that each instance should operate in tune with its own values and needs.

@stux I think everyone should be welcome. I understand the concerns, but blocking a group or people for being associated with law enforcement is discrimination.

@wabbster In the currently vitiated atmosphere, it is probably safer this way. Once things settle and this platform is no longer openly associated with protest or mass migrations, can revisit. LE will perforce because of their oaths & stuff see a need to react, which could push those who feel safe here into feeling hunted. IMHO... @stux


These guys can still read our Toots right? They can take screenshots of our public Toots. So we're just making them mute spectators?


@wabbster Post to a limited audience and they can't see, am I right @stux

@KayKap Correct! All public posts are for everyone on the internet since Mastodon is like a broadcasting machine for that 🙂

@wabbster You can make your account private for example and only toot to followers so you know who's watching :mastodance:

@stux Yes, I know these safeguards are available and I'm grateful for these privacy settings. My limited point is that we have safeguards to protect ourselves from fellow Fediversians (if that is a word!) as well. The block button. So, not allowing cops to the Fediverse is a bit off and makes us unsafe in the long run TBH. @KayKap

@wabbster You are repeatedly missing my point. I am saying these can be revisited/revised once the paranoia/fear has worn off and users feel comfortable... @stux

@KayKap No no.. not missing your point at all. I think I replied a bit too soon. 🙂 @stux

@wabbster Then let me be optimistic; I am not burying my head in the sand... just being hopeful; after all life runs on hope. There are many networks worldwide which keep LEOs out, the basic point is they police the networks themselves. I believe we can do the same here and keep everyone safe or do you not have that confidence... in your fellow Mastodians and admins/moderators .. just asking @stux


Oh, I do trust the mods and admins. 🙂

At least they take our inputs. They listen.


@KayKap The same way, we can block police handles if they're allowed. I just think we need to be a bit pragmatic about it. @stux

@wabbster We
can do that; but you are missing a small point; let this immediate instance die down; let the all-pervasive fear and resentment go; there is nothing that stops M from revisiting/revising policy. @stux

@KayKap You're being optimistic. 🙂 The Assam police episode has already made them suspicious of us. They will try their dirty tricks. This was avoidable. @stux

@wabbster For me because the Assam police was going to be responsible for NRC, it created an extra thought that they here for it. Might have felt a bit more at ease if was the Bengal police.

The fediverse don't discriminate ie the police are free to create their own instances. People are free to follow and interact with them.
Yes, blocking them in this instance will bring extra scrutiny, they might bring out they're bag of dirty tricks but that's happening already. @KayKap @stux


I don't disagree, except for the Bengal police bit. 🙂

@KayKap @stux


1. In an ideal world, cops would be intelligent, enlightened, law abiding and fair, and be an asset to a community (including this one).

2. In the real world, cops are disproportionately powerful, servants (mostly) to their political masters, intimidating and actually dangerous for anyone opposed to the Govt's illegal actions.

3. This is NOT theoretical. Activists, dissidents, student leaders etc. have been JAILED in India for fighting for the downtrodden, for speaking against the Govt.

@stux I would like to explain: In a democratic society, the police is US. If there are excesses, we have to assume that it will be addressed. There are many instances where Assam Police use of SM has ended up helping public.

A followup q is supposing they spin up their own instance what would be our federating rule? ban? silence? (I don't fully understand the distinction, if there is one.)

@stux Why one is not welcome only because of their profession ? They should be immediately given access.

Cops are not welcome, so robbers are ok ?

@stux why not cops? They are part of our society, and we need definitely need to encourage better communication between citizens and institutions. The only case for deactivating accounts should be the threat of physical and mental harm.

@stux only having to educate a quarter of the fedizens is a really good position to be in. :acabgraffiti: :acab:

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