What operating systems do you use?

@stux Though most mobile users would be able to answer Linux anyway...

@stux In addition to those you listed i also use FreeBSD and - if you want to call that an OS - FreeRTOS.

@tauli @stux I somehow suspect that most people who ticked Other ticked Linux and Other. (I use only Linux; this laptop has the smallest possible Windows install to kick its heels in, because it proved impossible to install Linux on it without Windows. I booted Windows ONCE in the two years I've got the machine now, for troubleshooting, and of course it wanted to do a six-hour update first so I stopped that and just got another Linux distro (Neon, currently; previously OpenSuSE)

@stux hopefully I'll be on Linux by the end of the year. until then I have to put up with win7.

@stux @vfrmedia LineageOS with MicroG on the smartphone, Arch on the ThinkPad and thé desktop , Debian 10 on my Netbook

@stux Linux (Fedora, Slackware), FreeBSD, OpenBSD.

@stux Gentoo + Win10 dual boot on gaming desktop, MacOS on MBP for Pro Tools, FreeBSD on home server, Android on mobile (but soon to be a device that can triple-boot Android/Sailfish/Debian-or-other-ARM64-distro.

I've got an old laptop with AROS on it, somewhere, too.. :p

@stux Arch Linux on computer,server and a laptop,Deepin on another laptop,Blackberry OS on my phone,Amazon Fire OS on my tablet,Windows Vista on a very old computer.

@Oundhakar @stux yeah, and with over a thousand votes! Thats impressive :o

@stux i use a combination of nixos, haiku, and amiga for retro gaming

@stux Windows because I'm a lazy coward. But when I finally get my new laptop after 9 years, I will install Linux on the old one

@stux Amazed at the sheer number of Linux users. As a Linux user myself this give me some joy!

Kitkat, Lollipop on mobile equipment.
Windows XP on desktop (backup only) system.

@stux Happy to see that a large majority here (62%) uses Linux distributions 😃

@stux Ubuntu on NAS and Windows 10 on Main system for Adobe Suite and Gaming.

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