Are you happy with 500 max characters?

Do you miss the "Bookmark" feature?


I have been looking around the internet in search of the many things you all requested and I came across something called ‘glitch-soc’. This is a ‘modified’ version of with all the main features plus some extra’s!

- 2 flavours(Mastodon default and Glitch-soc) with each 3 themes(dark,light,contrast)
- Bookmarks!
- Drawings
- Extra Local-only toots
- Plain/HTML/Markdown posts
- Loads of extra options!

Do you want this on

More info:

@stux please @Gargron update with the aforementioned features as well.

@stux moving/moved to a fork so soon! Will that be joinmastodon compliant? 😛


I'm not on as you can see but I tried glitch-soc elsewhere and I recommend it...
I was not the admin but I don't think it's harder to administrate than regular Mastodon.

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