@stux Sir, please remove support for that Blue Tick :verified: emoji. I will pray for your good health!

@stux That is the whole reason why all Indian tweeters are on Mstdn. It created two classes of twitter users, those with it and those without it. Eventually leading to an all out war when Twitter politicised it.

@aab1dh The verified icon/badge doesn't mean a thing on the fedivese and I think that people who think it does come around in time trust me!

@stux Novice users don't get it. This is embedded in the Indian psyche. Blue tick is seen a symbol of class and status. I am sure you can disable support in a line of code.

@aab1dh Yes I can do that but I won't I'm sorry.. This instance is about freedom and that little icon is a part of that.. It's just one of our 600+ custom emoji nothing more.

That said, I do get your point though!

@stux Thank you for standing by your commitment. Appreciate it.

@aab1dh We are just having fun, buddy. There's no concept of 'verified' here. We Indians are just getting high on a sticker and we are free to do so because this is not a restrictive network. Please clear your mindset.

Mastodon is an open source network and at the end of day it's just a code. Please relax and refrain from negativity. Have fun and let others also have fun!

@Ravi @stux @aab1dh
I love the blue tick! As someone who had 13k followers and got suspended from Twitter for tweeting against Hindutva terrorism, it's a great little adrenaline rush. Nothing less or more.

@Amrita I'm glad you like it! I think I'll add some more variations on the icon

@Ravi @aab1dh

@stux how do I get the blinking cursor? I tried :t_blink: and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

@Psyborg You are on another instance that doesn't has that emoji

@stux I created an account on your server. Cursor works :) How do I migrate though?


@Psyborg I posted a toot with a link to a migration guide a few toots ago 🤔

@stux @Psyborg It takes a second for people to figure out the timeline thing, it's not exactly like twitter you need to examine toots a bit more to get all the pieces...

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