Hello lovely new people on !

I get a lot requests for verification but I want to explain that we don't have such a thing like on .

The blue thicks you see in people's display names is just a custom emoji! :verified:

We are working on support for that way we can verify ourself and our accounts in a responsible way. I'll keep you informed on that!

For now if you want a :verified: icon in your display name just add the following without the spaces: : verified :

@stux You might wanna make this your pinned post for the next couple of months.

@aab1dh @stux agree but don't think pinning here is possible. At least haven't seen that feature.

@aab1dh @stux how, instructions please, I haven't seen it how to do that ?

@aab1dh @stux aha, didn't know that. Will use it for sure then.

@aab1dh @stux that actually would make my life so much easier. I always wanted to have more pinned tweets/toots but didn't know there could be more than one, that's pretty rad :)

@shirishag75 Yes, you can pin up to 4 toots. On some instances it’s more.


@stux great information thanks for your help 😊😊

@stux Hi Stux, just tried but does not seem to work. Any clue?

@vedhalam You are always welcome here you know! ❤️

@vedhalam @stux என்ன நடக்கிறது இங்கே 🙄🙄

@kavitha129 @stux my guess is more than 20k ppl will be sign up here within this week end 👍

@Nagara Have you put the emoji shortcode in your display name?

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