@prasanna_s I am 26 years old, I'm a tech nerd who loves the internet, space and science! 🙂 I'm an atheist from Europe and I respect everyone who does the same for me!

I do believe in free speech IF it can be on a 'respectfully' way. 💪

@prasanna_s What else do you and the community want to know? :)

@prasanna_s I've have some experience in the fediverse haha 😉 But this server is only about 5 days old and it's a major hit! I'm very happy!

@stux @prasanna_s Thank you for running the instance. It will be awesome if you can add similar section to /about/more page of your instance.

@YazitsMe Good question! I think or Toot!

I use to use Tootdon a lot but I'm afraid that app has left the app store :(

@stux Imperative that you BRACE for impact. The cow-dung-heads are coming. @prasanna_s and others will attest to it.

@vpt @prasanna_s Haha, I can handle crap luckily 🙂 Learned it the hard way unfort

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